Weighted keyboards are strongly preferred by many musicians. The reason is that they more closely mimic the feeling of using a traditional piano. Providing more resistance at lower ranges and less at higher ones, weighted keyboards will continue to be in demand. However, finding the right one for you can be complicated. We’ll help you with the process by reviewing some of the best weighted keyboard 88 keys currently available.

Our Criteria

While creating our list, we thought long and hard about the criteria for selecting our pianos. Ultimately, we decided to use a combination of affordability, instrument voice selection, and the availability of educational tools. All of the weighted keyboards we selected also meet the requirement of having 88 keys. Just keep in mind that the products we reviewed aren’t arranged in any particular order.

Yamaha DGX-660

Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Grand Piano Best Weighted Keyboard 88 Keys

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One of the best weighted keyboard 88 keys available is the Yamaha DGX-660. Among its perks is crystal clear audio quality, a must for any serious musician. The DGX-660 has a built-in 6-track recording system that is perfect for recording your own performances at home. Useful as more than a training aid, the feature is very fun to play around with on its own.

Speaking of training aids, the center of the DGX-660 has an LCD display panel that can show digital sheet music for you to follow along. Therefore, it’s a suitable pick for both beginners and experienced users alike. Our only complaint is that the keyboard is quite heavy, with an overall weight of over 82 pounds.

Yamaha P125

Best yamaha p125 digital piano Weighted Keyboard 88 Keys

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The Yamaha P125 is another best weighted keyboard 88 keys model. It utilizes the same gradient weighted action as the DGX-660 series. As a result, you benefit from a greater deal of resistance when playing notes in the lower octave range that slowly decreases as notes get higher. For fans of traditional models, it’s about as close as you will get to the feel of a standard piano.

The 192 polyphony count is another huge advantage the P125 brings to the table. With 192 notes, you are free to play even the most complex pieces. Overall, we feel that the Yamaha P125 is an excellent fit for both beginner and more experienced players.

Casio Privia PX160BK

Best casio privia px160bk Weighted Keyboard 88 Keys

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Another one of the best weighted keyboard 88 keys is the Casio Privia PX160BK series. As part o its benefits, it features 18 different piano tones to choose from. One of the main aspects we admire about the PX160BK is that it’s fairly lightweight, with an assembled weight of 24.5 pounds. It also has two audio out jacks located on the rear of the unit next to the power supply adapter.

However, the PX160BK keyboard doesn’t offer much in terms of educational tools. With that slight issue in mind, we feel that this keyboard is designed more for experienced users who are already familiar with how to play an electronic keyboard. If you’re just starting off, you may be better off with the Yamaha DGX-660.

Korg SP280BK

Best korg sp280bk digital piano Weighted Keyboard 88 Keys

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The Korg SP280BK qualifies as one of the best weighted keyboard 88 keys models for a number of reasons. For starters, it produces rich sounds that fill up small and medium performance areas with ease. With a natural weighted hammer design, the keys closely resemble both the look and feel of traditional piano types.

In addition, the SP280BK works with external audio devices as well. Consequently, it’s a viable pick for professional musicians who need to connect to stronger audio sources. The keyboard even comes with a dampener pedal that is quite responsive and easy to use. The only issue we have with the SP280B is that its overall purchase price is a bit higher than most.

Roland JUNO-DS88

Best roland lightweight Weighted Keyboard 88 Keys

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Roland’s JUNO-DS88 is another best weighted keyboard 88 keys option that has a lot to offer for musicians. Above all, we were impressed by the dedicated mic input area it offers. We also loved that it utilizes a digital control display in the center. As a result, it’s much easier to see what settings and instrument choices you are using at any given time.

With its built-in eight-track sequencer, the JUNO-DS88 helps musicians create background loops and other arrangements with ease. With its easy-to-understand interface and a wide selection of settings, we feel that the Roland keyboard is an adequate choice for both new and experienced musicians.

Williams Allegro 2 Plus

Best Williams Allegro 2 plus Weighted Keyboard 88 Keys

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The Williams Allegro 2 Plus utilizes a hammer-action weighted key design to provide you with an operating experience that closely resembles that of a standard piano. In addition to offering various piano voice options, you can choose from several popular synths, organs, and various string instrument voices. In turn, you’ll enjoy a much greater deal of flexibility when creating your very own custom musical pieces.

You can also easily adjust various voice settings like vibrato and pitch with the Allegro 2 Plus. For more professional recording needs, you can connect it with compatible midi connections as well. Overall, it’s an excellent fit for more advanced keyboard players and budding musicians who want to learn more.

Alesis Recital Pro

Best Alesis recital pro digital piano Weighted Keyboard 88 Keys

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Regardless of your level of experience, the Alesis Recital Pro can be the best weighted keyboard 88 keys model for you. As far as learning tools go, it has several built-in lessons that walk users through the basics. It also has a layered mode that can be used to combine multiple parts into one performance.

For more advanced learning needs, you can take advantage of the three-month expert lessons subscription that is included with the Alesis Recital Pro. You get access to pro-level interactive piano lessons that are ideal for intermediate users on the rise. The only issue we have with the Recital Pro is that it offers a fairly limited voice count. Currently, the model only supports 12 different electronic voice choices.

Yamaha P71

Best Yamaha p71 Weighted Keyboard 88 Keys

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The Yamaha P71 is our final pick and it offers numerous exciting features. To begin with, the P71 boasts a 10-variant voice count, which includes tones from acoustic pianos. While not enough for professional musicians, beginners will likely find the voice count to be more than suitable for their at-home practicing needs. We also like that it has a dual mode that is perfect for combining different voices.

Finally, the P71 keyboard is both slim and stylish. It weighs just 25 pounds and it even comes with its own miniature sustain pedal. Unfortunately, we feel that the sustain pedal is a bit too small for comfortable use. Nevertheless, it’s still a valuable tool to get started with, and it’s the perfect option for shoppers who are looking for a more comprehensive keyboard package.


To sum up, weighted keyboards are the preferred choice for users who are more accustomed to the look and feel of a traditional piano. Fortunately, there is a wide range of 88-key models available to choose from that are perfect for both rookies and experts.

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Feel free to browse our best weighted keyboard 88 keys recommendations and tell us about any other models that you feel are worth mentioning in the comments area.