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How can You use Pianofi.com?

All content is created for piano players or simply music enthusiasts who want to explore and find the best digital pianos or accessories for their needs and level of experience. Our team provides well-researched, thorough product reviews for the best options available on the market.

The content made available on pianofi.com only has informational purposes. We always review and rank the products objectively and we let our users browse through our top picks in order to find the right option for their needs.

All content is shared free of charge with all website visitors, for personal use only. You do not have to create an account, or sign up for anything in order to access the content on pianofi.com.

Additionally, you can share our articles on your social media channels or your personal website if you offer proper credit to pianofi.com.

Content Copyright

All the content we publish, including but not limited to written content, layouts, design, images and videos is the intellectual property of the pianofi.com team, unless otherwise specified. As a result, all legal restrictions which apply to copyrighted content will apply to the content on our website as well.

Any unauthorized uses, as explained in the next sections, will be punished accordingly and we maintain our liberty to seek legal action if the situation warrants it.


Certain restrictions apply when sharing our content for any purpose other than peer-to-peer personal use. Before sharing any content from pianofi.com, please take the time to read the following rules. Please note that the rules presented below apply to content in its entirety, but also to fragments of content.

  • Before sharing our content, please contact our team to be granted our explicit permission.
  • Upon receiving and reviewing your request, please wait for our team’s reply.
  • If you receive our approval for sharing our content you must credit pianofi.com as the original source in a visible, legible style and include a link to the original page.
  • We reserve our right to refuse requests for content sharing.

Prohibited use

All the content we publish on pianofi.com, as well as the site itself cannot be used for self-promotional or promotional purposes or for any monetary gain.

The content onpianofi.com cannot be used without our knowledge or our team’s explicit approval. The content as well as the website cannot be used in any way that contravenes international copyright laws and regulations.  We will take legal action if there is any breach to the points mentioned on this page.

Amazon Disclaimer

Pianofi.com is a member of the Amazon Affiliates Program. While reading our articles you will come across external links to Amazon pages where the products reviewed can be purchased.

If you click through the links in our articles and decide to buy said product, we will receive a small commission fee.

Please note that the commission fee doesn’t add to the price you pay. You will pay exactly the same amount for a product bought through our Amazon link as you would if you found it on Amazon yourself.

Our affiliation with Amazon does not affect the quality of our reviews. We solely review and rank products we deem relevant and useful to our website visitors.

User Conduct

It is important that our visitors follow the user conduct rules highlighted below so anyone can enjoy a safe and pleasant experience while browsing pianofi.com We strongly encourage you to take the time and read the section below.

Every reader is encouraged to share their opinion on our picks and add relevant information via comments on our posts. You can us the comment section under each article to share feedback. When leaving comments, please:

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  • If you feel threatened or harassed by another user, or if you notice that a user doesn’t respect the user conduct guidelines, please let us know immediately by sending an e-mail at info@pianofi.com.

Limitation of Liability

Pianofi.com relies on the information offered by the manufacturer of the pianos, digital pianos, keyboards and accessories we review. As a result, we don’t take any responsibility for potential inaccuracies that may result due to data provided by the original manufacturer.

The content we share is solely for information purposes. We do not take any responsibility for the damages you may suffer upon misusing our content.