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We are proud of our transparency and we value our visitors’ trust. As a result, we do our best to create a safe environment for you while browsing, disclosing all our procedures concerning data collection. Please take the time to read this page to be fully informed about how we use, store and secure your personal data.

Data Collection & Security

Cookies Use

Like most websites, uses cookies. The sole purpose of cookies is to improve your user experience on our site based on your personal needs and requirements.

Cookies are simple files placed on your browsing device for the purpose of monitoring an analyzing online traffic. Cookies do not allow us to access any files on your personal computer (tablet or any other device), but rather help us monitor your browsing patterns to offer you a convenient, customized experience.

When accessing, you will be prompted regarding the use of cookies and you will be able to accept or decline them. You can choose to decline the use of cookies by accessing your browser’s settings and disabling cookies.

Log Files Use also uses log files. Log files do not grant access to personal information or any other private or sensitive data on your device. These log files are only to track your preferences and customize your experience on our website.

Log files can include:

  • ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • IP (Internet Protocol Address)
  • Time & date stamps
  • Browser choice
  • Log files connected to demographic data
  • Referring pages
  • Exit pages

We retrieve this data through cookies and log files and monitor your preferences and offer you the exact content you are looking for.

Data Security is equipped with all the tools required to ensure our users’ privacy and their data protection. None of the data we gathered through cookies or log files is shared with third parties, as it is only needed for internal use.

If you decide to leave a comment through our comments section, you will be asked to type in your e-mail address and username. However, if you do not feel comfortable sharing this type of information, you can choose an alias and a fictitious e-mail address.

Moreover, if you have shared personally identifiable data with us and want to have it removed, you should send a request at The respective information will be completely deleted in no more than 30 days.

External Links

While accessing the content published on you will encounter external links. Please note that clicking these links will take you to third-party websites that are either our affiliates or reputed sources we consider useful to our readers.

Keep in mind that this Privacy Policy is applicable only to When accessing any other site, we recommend reading their own policies and terms of use. is not in any way liable for any damage that may result from accessing external sources.


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When using, you agree to our data collection and present privacy policy. Please carefully read this page and our Terms of Use page before accessing our website. Note that this Privacy Policy is also subject to changes throughout time, if our team deems such adjustments necessary. The date of the last update will be posted at the top of this page, so we suggest checking it periodically.

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