Shopping for a budget-friendly keyboard piano is often complicated by the wide range of available choices. You also have to take into account specific factors like key count and the availability of educational tools. Fortunately, our article is going to help you with this process by reviewing eight of the best budget keyboard piano models currently available.

Our Criteria

The most important thing to keep in mind about our recommendations is that we didn’t list them in any particular order. However, we still took several criteria into account when initially deciding on our recommendations. The most important factor we used was a low purchase price. However, both popularity and ease of use also played a role in our selection process.

Casio SA-77 44-Key Portable Keyboard

Best casio sa 77 44 key Budget Keyboard Piano

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We’re starting off our best budget keyboard piano list with the Casio SA-77 series. This is one of the most affordable options we could find during our research. This keyboard offers 50 different play-along tracks that are perfect for beginners who are just learning how to play. We also like that the keyboard offers five different drum pads and a headphones output jack for quiet listening.

However, there are a few limitations to keep in mind as well. For starters, this keyboard only offers a polyphony count of five. This drastically limits the range of pieces you can play on it effectively. In addition, this model only has a key count of 44. Just keep these small points in mind before making a final decision. Still, the extremely low purchase price is hard to beat.

Plixio 61-Key Electric Piano Keyboard

Best plixio 61 key electric Budget Keyboard Piano

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Plixio is another best budget keyboard piano worth considering. This model is a bit larger than the Casio SA-77, with a key count of 61. One of its most standout features is that it offers the choice of a dual power supply. For truly mobile operation, you can use batteries. When the time comes for longer practice sessions, you can quickly plug it into a standard wall outlet.

We also love that the keyboard comes with 60 demo songs to practice with as well. Overall, we feel that Plixio is a perfect choice for beginner and intermediate users alike. This keyboard is also covered by a one-year warranty period from the manufacturer as well. Just keep in mind that the audio output level for the speakers is a bit weak.

Joy JK-63M-KIT With USB 61-Key Keyboard Set

Best joy jk 63m kit 61 key Budget Keyboard Piano

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The Joy JK-63M is another best budget keyboard piano choice that has a lot to offer. Starting with the keyboard layout, this product has 61 keys. While they’re not weighted, they are still large enough to provide a comfortable experience while playing. The keyboard also has 50 demonstration songs built into the memory that you can practice along with.

However, the thing we love most about this particular product is that it comes with headphones, a power adapter, and a bench. This makes it a perfect pick for users who are looking for a more comprehensive package that includes everything that they need to get started.

Best Choice Products 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano

Best choice products 61 key Budget Keyboard Piano

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While Best Choice Products is likely one of the lesser known brands on our list, they still earned a spot as a best budget keyboard piano pick. This is a mid-sized keyboard that has 61 different keys. One of its most prominent features is that the keys light up for you to play along with. This is an excellent training aid that makes this keyboard a perfect fit for beginners.

We also loved the lightweight design. The entire keyboard weighs just 12 pounds and is extremely portable. With a package that includes a padded stool, keyboard stand, sheet music stand, and headphones, it includes everything you need to get started learning piano at home.

Casio CTK-2550 PPK 61-Key Premium Keyboard Pack

Best Casio CTK 2550 PPK 61 key Budget Keyboard Piano

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Another best budget keyboard piano that you should take a look at is the Casio CTK-2550. It has 61 different keys and is capable of playing 400 different tones. The thing we love most about this particular product is that it features a small digital display located in the center. This makes it much easier to see what instrument type you have selected.

With that in mind, we feel that this keyboard can be used by both beginner and experienced users alike. It supports a wide range of auto-accompaniment settings and has a special dance mode. It also comes with headphones, a stand, and a power supply adapter.

ELE-LIFE EL-57 Black 61-Key Digital Portable Keyboard Piano

Best ele life el 57 black 61 key Budget Keyboard Piano

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Shoppers who want a budget-friendly keyboard that still utilizes full-sized keys will likely appreciate what ELE-LIFE has to offer. This keyboard is designed primarily for intermediate users. It has 61 keys and 255 different prerecorded rhythms that you can select from. It also has a recording and playback function that is perfect for practicing at home.

As for demo songs, there are 24 stored on the keyboard’s memory. While not as many as some of the other models on our list, it’s still enough to practice along with from home. We also found the included stand to be very easy to adjust and quite durable. Overall, this keyboard offers a lot for its price range.

Hamzer 61-Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard

Best hamzer 61 key Budget Keyboard Piano

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Beginners and intermediate users may want to check out this Hamzer keyboard. It comes with a wide range of learning tools to help you practice from home. For starters, there are 24 demonstration songs stored on the device’s memory. It also offers 255 rhythms and timbres to choose from.

However, one of the most interesting things about the Hamzer keyboard is that it comes with a microphone. With its recording and playback functionality, this allows users to record both keyboard and vocal input, and listen back to it with friends and family. Finally, you have the option of using the included power supply adapter or batteries for on the go performances.

Click N’ Play GreenPro 61 Key Portable Electronic Piano Keyboard

Best click n play greenpro 61 key Budget Keyboard Piano

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Click N’ Play is an electronic keyboard that is geared primarily towards new players. It offers 61 keys and 60 different demo songs to play along with. We also like that there are three different teaching modes supported as well. Users who use an iPhone or iPad can take advantage of additional downloadable songs.

As far as power supply goes, you can use either the included power adapter or D size batteries with this keyboard. Overall, it’s an excellent product that is durable enough for everyday use. We also love that it includes an adjustable stand and sheet music holder.


Keyboards come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of budget-friendly models available that are suitable for both new and experienced musicians. No matter which best budget keyboard piano you decide to go with, feel free to tell us about your experience with it in the comments section.